• ...red and white, is the foundation of Istrian
    winery. Two different colours and two different
    worlds. Istrian Malvasia, the local autochthonous
    variety, gives different wines depending on the
    colour of the soil, and transfers the Istrian terroir
    into a glass of superior wine. Istria has a unique
    position, exceptionally long sunny periods and
    excellent positions for viticulture. Though small,
    Istria has a number of microlocations which give
    various wines.
    Istrian soil...
  • The most important,
    autochthonous Istrian
    variety, gives superior
    white wines. When of
    best age, even its
    small yield can give
    a Great Wine.
    Istrian Malvasia
  • Teran
    A hundred years ago the first, today
    the second most important variety
    in Istria. Similar to Refošk (refosco),
    Teran is a demanding variety - only
    great knowledge and effort of
    winegrowers and winemakers will
    give excellent results. Best results
    are obtained in north-western Istria.
  • The best Istrian winemakers
    say that wine is produced in
    the vineyard. But special skills
    are required to preserve the
    best qualities of grapes and
    translate them into the wine.
    Every year, Istrian winegrowers
    and winemakers present their
    best results of effort and
    knowledge in the traditional
    exhibition Vinistra.
    Vinistra & Wine


Vinistra – association of winegrowers and winemakers of Istria

Since its foundation in 1995, the Association has assembled Istrian winegrowers and winemakers. The aim of the association is to provide expert assistance to its members, to connect the producers, to represent their interests, to nurture and preserve traditional winemaking customs, to present and promote wines, to create the image of Istrian wines as high-quality and natural products. [ more…]

IQ – Istrian Quality

This year, for the fourth time, organised by Vinistra and IDA the IQ – Istrian Quality designation is awarded… [ more… ]

Exhibition Vinistra 2014



The World of Malvasia 2015

The World of Malvasia is an international competition of Malvasia wines which will take place in Poreč on 21 April 2015 organized by Vinistra – Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Istria and the Region of Istria. This „oeno event” is a result of the world’s trends of production and consumption of wine produced from indigenous wine varieties which have firm connection with the territory on which they’re grown and are produced in limited quantities. ( more… ).

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